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Welcome to the Website of
“ISCA Minicon in Osaka 2011 -NIGAOE Fest-”

Ladies & Gentlemen,
ISCA's next mini-con will be coming to Osaka this summer!
There will be a lot of great caricaturists there, not only from Japan but from all over the world.
This will be our first mini-con since starting our own ISCA chapter, ISCA Japan. Our goals are to make people smile with our art and to spread our love of caricature.
In addition to the main competition where artists draw each other, the mini-con will have some unique seminars given by some great artists.
This mini-con will be unique in taking place at a university. Osaka Prefecture University is a proud sponsor of our convention.
So it'll be a great chance not only for the artists to enjoy the spacious facilities, but a chance to share our passion for caricatures with everyone on campus.
Whether you want to improve your skills,
challenge yourself or just have fun,
let's have a great time in Osaka!!

WA-SHOI !(this is typical word for Japanese Fest☆)